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About Us (and "Easter eggs")

For thirty-something years we have been providing the industries, ad agencies, and businesses of southern New England with photography to suit their varied needs. We have done everything from studio work to location to aerials.

We have fine studio facilities here in Peace Dale, RI, but our specialty is on-location work. We often turn a conference room -or whatever- into a studio at the client's location with all the necessary equipment and capabilities. This has the advantage of having the company's support for their product should a problem arise as well as not keeping the advertising director out of the office all day.

Rhode Island On-Site Photography

We also shoot a lot of machinery on-location. The treatments have ranged from simple available light shots on the factory floor to "spare no effort" productions, resulting in a studio effect complete with background and meticulous lighting.

Out-of-doors location work is also a strong suit, including events, products in a natural setting as well as aerial shots.

"We" refers to Jim Brennan and his wonderful office assistant, Noelle Brennan and, as needed, a free-lance assistant. We come with all the equipment and numerous odds 'n ends that shooting on-location might require including nine foot wide rolls of background paper, eight foot studio booms and a substantial capability in electronic flash. We have the experience, versatility and flexibility to get your job done in high quality and on time. We often can respond to a client's needs on short notice. We are also budget sensitive: we are very competitively positioned in our marketplace.

Please contact us for a personal meeting and complete portfolio presentation. You won't be disappointed. Our photography means business.

Commercial Photography

This site features some "Easter eggs" and if you haven't had a chance to review most of the site, you may have missed these apparently hidden images. They were not put right up front so that they would offer a pleasant surprise when you ran across them. They are something we'd like you to see, however, so here's how to find them: You can either go to the page and click on the image or click here for the fast track. One is at Machinery, the unit with the jagged black above the rolls of background paper. Another is at In Our Studio, the shot of three people. A third is at Locations, the data unit on the rocks by the ocean.

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Please contact us:

by voice, 401-789-7170 or cell 401-742-7710, or email to: (click here) jim@jbrennan.com
or mail to: Jim Brennan, 231 Curtis Corner Road, Peace Dale, RI 02879

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